Security Faults for Housing Associations

Safecell work with a number of Housing Associations all over the North West so we fully understand the procedures and problems you encounter.

One of the main problems Housing Associations face is that you are governed by having to send everything out by tender and usually the department that sends out the tender are not the department that have to look after the ongoing maintenance and repairs on the systems once installed. The pitfalls for this is that certain companies will win the tender on price but fit closed protocol systems knowing that they then can charge what they want for on-going maintenance of the system and give bad customer service at the same time.

You then have the problem that it would be very expensive for the systems to be ripped out and new none closed protocol systems to be installed, so you have to carry on with high maintenance costs and bad customer service.

Safecell have helped Housing Associations to overcome this by doing a 3 or 5 year roll out programme plus at the same time, when new project starts, we have been involved in the writing of the tender to make sure that as the systems are being managed on the roll out programme, the new systems are not having closed protocol fitted in them.

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