Don't give burglars an opportunity to steal from your business this summer!

It's summer, the weather is brightening up, and it's burglary season for businesses. So, with that in mind, we thought it'd be wise to send out some helpful tips to keep your business safe!

The most common cases of business burglary during the summer months involve...

  1. Entering an insecure door or window to your office
  2. Entering doors that are closed but left unlocked when you leave at night
  3. Breaking and entering due to no intruder alarm being visible
  4. Brazenly walking into a retail premises to steal without staff looking

Now, that sounds scary right? However, there are simple things you can do to prevent thieves targeting your business.

Train your staff

Let your staff know what you've done to prevent burglary, as well as training them on the correct use of any equipment you have had installed.

Reporting suspicious circumstances

Tell staff to let management know if there are reports of any suspicious vehicles or people around the business.

Get them involved

With the involvement of staff, you can cultivate their commitment to crime prevention by asking what they think about the measures you have, or are about to take.

Key security

Putting security into your staff induction plan. Plus, make sure that only selected staff have access to certain areas, and that keys to secure areas are not left in the shop.

Clear up the inside of your premises 

Look after valuables

Make sure that anything that is of high value to your organisation is removed from visible areas.

Leave the till open

If you have a retail premises with a till... leave it visible, open and most importantly empty - if burglars are looking for money, they'll know there isn't any around and lose interest.

Bank your cash

If you don't leave cash in your premises overnight, it can't be taken.

Physically protect the target 

Strengthen entrances

Using high-grade door frames and doors, steel reinforcing and using anti-thrust bolts, as well as looking at bars for windows and glazed door panels, can be the difference between a burglar entering your premises or not.

Grilles and shutters

These can be an excellent way of deterring burglars.


A high-grade safe will protect those valuables overnight, but please take the added precaution of bolting it in place somewhere a potential burglar can't see it. Did you know, if you have a burglar alarm, you can place a sensor inside the safe, so if it's opened when it shouldn't be, the alarm will sound.


Fixing bollards into the ground around your business premises will protect against ram raiders. However, please consult with a security professional and your local authority before doing so.

Watching and deterring intruders 

Intruder alarms

Having a visible intruder alarm that is in good working order is vital to protecting your business. Some may be deterred by the sight of the alarm, others when it goes off.


If you install CCTV cameras, which are monitoring around both the inside and outside of your business premises, potential thieves will be deterred, plus, they will help police to detect burglars. Bear in mind, strict codes of practice need to be adhered to - this includes making sure the date and time are incorporated into the recording before video evidence can be successfully used in prosecution.

Locking escape routes

Business burglars will more often than not, use different exit routes from their entry ones. Make is difficult for them by locking everything up tight and switching off the power supply for electric shutters.


Install lights that are activated by someone approaching your shop. It may deter a potential burglar. It will increase the chances of an intruder being noticed.

With any security advice you need, we can help you turn your business into a fortress so thieves will think twice before trying!

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