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Domestic & Commercial Security Systems and Solutions

Safecell provides a comprehensive range of Security Solutions, expertly designed to meet any requirements your business or home may need. Once we have assessed exactly what your security needs entail, we then proceed to assemble a combination of the appropriate services in a calculated, and tailor made package.

We can save UK businesses a vast amount of money each year by using advanced, integrated commercial security systems and solutions . Couple this with state of the art technology to create bespoke fire and security systems that provide our customers with the security, protection, and peace of mind they need. You simply cannot afford not to have the proper security protection. With competitive pricing and a service geared to the needs of your business or home, you can afford the professional level of service Safecell are proud to provide.

Safecell have been trading for many years and we specialise in the design, installation, maintenance and commissioning of Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV, Access Control and Warden Call Systems to domestic, commercial, industrial and high security sites across the UK.

Site Survey

As with all of our services, Safecell will attend site and produce a full site survey in order to identify any concerns or courses of action required and from there we will produce the quotation. This allows us to install the perfect tailored system to secure your company. We will always work around yourself and will attend site when best for you.

Take-Overs & Maintenance Contracts

Here at Safecell we can Take-Over your existing Alarm System that you have in your property. There is Alarm Systems that we may not be able to work on due to an engineering code being burnt in, but we will notifiy you of this and give you advice on what to do next. Whether you are a Commercial or a Domestic customer, we offer maintenace contracts that save you money when you need us the most

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